The new season of BFFs with Vogue has kicked off with Neha Dhupia as the host. Karan Johar and Shweta Bachchan featured in the first episode which was fun to watch. From Shweta’s acute OCD to Karan describing his son as a ‘duffer child’, the show had a lot of great moments, here’s a list of the best ones!

1) When Karan Johar revealed the number of selfies in his phone

3201 – 201 of my babies and 3000 of mine!

2) When Karan said he makes noises in bed


3) When Shweta was called ‘OCD ki brand ambassador’

Karan elaborated on how bad Shweta’s OCD is when he spoke about his habit of eating food off other people’s plates. He did that once to Shweta and she refused to eat more despite being hungry, because… she’s like that only!

4) And that Karan calls Jaya Bachchan ‘Aunty J’

Jaya Bachchan, Shweta Bachchan Nanda

Just imagine!

5) On Karan’s inability to be of any help in a crisis situation

During a fire alarm in a hotel in New York, he abandoned his best friend but he was ‘forced’ to help an old lady.

6) When Karan and Shweta discussed how sassy Hiroo Johar actually is

This person came to me 18 years ago, she was dumb, 18 years later she’s daft, that’s how much of a progress she has made.

7)  On how Karan is still the ‘least coolest person’ in the party

He still does Shammi Kapoor moves in the party and does NOT understand English music

8) And how much he ‘loves’ EDM

Read this blog to know more about his obsession with this particular genre of music

9) And his troubles with understanding who “Mannu” is

It was Man-U, Manchester United. Karan Johar and my mom are basically the same people.

10) When he called Yash a “duffer child” and said that Roohi has major attitude

11) The fact that Karan, Shweta and Kaajal Anand have a group called ‘Finding Fanny’

12) On Shweta being obsessed with Navya and Agasthya’s personal life

Yep, Shweta is (according to Karan) the world’s biggest stalker (Jagga Jaasoos of the Internet) and she stalks her kids online. Not just her kid though, she also stalks Aryan, Suhana, Ananya. I mean, so do most of us…

13) When he made up an entire song on Shweta’s political correctness –

Amitabh Bachchan ki beti hai, kaise bolegi?

Politically correct kaise rahegi?

Kha kha kha, nimbu kha!

14) When he was pretty obvious about the person who needs a shrink in Bollywood

Without saying the name of course. Much like his cryptic tweets?

15) And without any hesitation, he chose Aishwarya over Sonam at Cannes

“Aishwarya is iconic”, truer words never spoken.

16) When he spoke about the actors who have rejected his film offers

Shahid Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh!


17) And Shweta Bachchan admitted to going to a shrink

It’s great that people are finally being open about their issues and taking care of their mental health, isn’t it?

18) And Karan revealed that Ranveer Singh has ‘game’

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

How else would you get a girlfriend like Deepika Padukone?

19) And of course, the ‘N’ word was used

Kangana Ranaut

Nepotism, we’re talking about nepotism.

You can watch the entire episode here.