Bigg Boss 11: Check Out These Photos Of Bandgi Kalra & Puneesh Sharma Partying Together!

Sukriti Gumber , 22 Jan 2018
Bandgi and Puneesh

The longevity (and credibility) of Bandgi Kalra & Puneesh Sharma‘s romance was doubted for a very long time during their stint in Bigg Boss 11. You can’t blame us after all those Bigg Boss couples we have seen parting ways over the years. Let’s hope Bandgi & Puneesh’s relationship lasts longer than its counterparts!

It has seen its fair share of drama though – they have felt the pain of a long distance relationship after Bandgi’s eviction, there was also an ex-boyfriend angle followed by jealousy and a bunch of confessions revealing the truth. They also share a sizzling chemistry which we witnessed at the grand finale. The two are going strong so far and were partying at the Hyatt Regency in Delhi over the weekend.

Check out these pictures:

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Let’s hope #PunGi (yeah, that’s what their shippers call them) stand the test of time and actually give Bigg Boss a fairytale. :P

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