Everyone’s been harping on about the amazing eclipse that will take place in the evening today. But there are some that are not so thrilled about this Super blue blood moon aka Chandra Grahan. As legend goes, eclipses are meant to be an unfortunate ordeal. Here are some crazy reactions we’ve found about it.

1. Pregnancy appointment delays

Pregnant woman are cancelling their gynaecologist appointments because it’s unlucky to go see a doctor today, apparently. What if the baby is born a monster?

2. Shaadi ka mahoorat

We heard that people postponing their weddings to a later date because it’s said that the wedding will end up in a divorce, if the ceremony takes place on the day of this eclipse.

3. Not celebrating birthdays

So many kids are born today. But these poor lil’ guys and girls won’t be celebrating their much-awaited birthdays thanks to their parents, who think bad things will happen, if any kind of celebration takes place. Happy Birthdaaa….. Sorry, can’t wish you either!

4. Game-changing meetings can wait

Apparently, it’s bad luck to have productive meetings today as whatever you propose, will be eventually disrupt your company and burn it in to ashes.

5. Holding up a wedding proposal

Will you marry me? Not so much today. We heard of really fun wedding proposals that had to be switched to another day as those couples wouldn’t stand a chance, if the proposal was today.

6. No-shopping day

It’s supposedly unlucky to shop at all today. Especially if it’s a house, or car, or a maid. She could leave you without any notice if you hire her today.

7. Starting a new job

The eclipse has swooped in and made your first day of work the unluckiest day! How will you explain to your new boss that Mom said going to work today is unlucky ? Oh, the judgement!

8. Purchasing eclipse glasses

It’s a Lunar eclipse! Why are people buying eclipse glasses that are meant only for Solar eclipses? Just FYI, it’s totally safe to watch this eclipse with the naked eye.

9. Complete house arrest

Someone told us that they had to cancel a 10-year reunion because of the eclipse. Poor lads who came all the way from different parts of the world will have to celebrate indoors. By themselves. Alone.

10. Safe travels

This takes the ‘Have a safe journey’ wish to a new level. We cannot wrap our heads around the fact that someone had to cancel their flight to go see their grandparents. Because, ‘OMG, what if…!’

We were really in awe to hear these crazy reactions to the beautiful eclipse today. But for all the astro-lovers in the house, this Supermoon is totally safe. In fact, it’s quite a beauty. You can look up at 6:27 pm in Mumbai and other parts of the country to catch this killer natural phenomenon. It ends at 9:38 pm, which means it last for a good 3 hours and 11 minutes in total.

Tell us if you heard of any more crazy reactions, or how much you loved the pretty eclipse in the comments before.
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