They say it’s tough to understand women. We beg to differ. Men are tough to get too. Lucky for you, we give you the low-down on the things he says, and what they might ACTUALLY mean.

1. I’m just protective

He means possessive. He’s jealous of someone talking to you or thinks you find him interesting. He wants to cover it up by saying he’s protective.

2. I’m sorry

He probably just wants to end the argument soon because he’s tired of fighting, so he apologizes.

3. It’s okay

It’s definitely NOT okay. Abort mission. I repeat, abort mission. Whatever it is that you have done, undo it, NOW!

4. It’s a surprise!

He hasn’t thought of what he’d give you for your anniversary, and wants to cover up by telling you it’s a surprise.

5. She’s just a friend

She probably is. But he wants you to think she’s absolutely non-threatening. But you’re not totally convinced, are you? All women crave is for a man to call every woman he knows apart from him mom, to call all his girl-friends, his sisters.

6. You make the plan

He’s downright lazy to make a plan. But this gives him an opportunity to make you feel special. Win-win!

7. I was just checking to see if you remember

He’s clearly forgotten. He knows you remember, but he’s probably forgotten. It could be your birthday, anniversary or anything else that could be important.

8. I trust you, I just don’t trust him

This is a classic. He does trust you. But it doesn’t mean he’ll let you be in a room alone with this guy he’s referring to. There are chances he thinks you may be attracted to him and he feels threatened.

9. You think I should go?

He really wants to go. He’s looking for you to approve. It could be a boy’s night, football, or something he knows you might not approve of.

10. You’re not fat, you’re just healthy

You’re fat. It means you’re fat. That’s what he means. He’s trying to be nice. But you can take a hint. Go run. Quite literally!

Now that you’re up to speed, you’re all set to take on your relationship like a pro!
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