Rumourss Sky Villa, Lonavala
Rumourss Sky Villa, Lonavala

Yes yes, you may have forgotten about Valentine’s Day. But it’s right around the corner and in case you haven’t planned anything for your partner, don’t fret just yet. We’ve got your back. Here are some places close to Mumbai that we’ve shortlisted for you to try.

1. Utan Sea Resorts

This modest Greek-themed resort is so close to home, yet so secluded that you won’t feel like you’re anywhere near the city.
Location: Bhayandar West

2. Rumourss Sky Villa

Rumourss Sky Villa, Lonavala
Rumourss Sky Villa, Lonavala

Up above the world so high, lies this property that you definitely need to visit. P.S: They’ve got amazing food, too!
Location: Lonavala

3. The Machan

This is every nature lover’s dream. Get away from your usual busy, concrete life and spend a weekend in this forest that has barely any network. It’s perfect to disconnect from the world and focus on long walks, star gazing, and other ways to spend quality time with your partner.
Location: Lonavala

4. Sula Vineyards

The Source

Beyond By Sula

These two resorts situated near the Godavari river are by Sula. Take a couple of days off and learn more about wine, if you’re into that kind of stuff.
Location: Nashik

5. The One

This quaint beauty is so unexplored that it’s everything you need on Valentine’s Day. Designed by a creative couple, this place is made for you to get addicted to. So secluded from the world! You could say it’s a Hotel California of sorts. The only difference being, you wouldn’t want to leave.
Location: Malgund

6. Radisson Blue, Alibaug

A home away from home. If you’re still looking for luxury on the outskirts of the city, this place is ideal.
Location: Alibaug

7. Staycations in Mumbai

Pick and choose from amazing luxury hotels in the city to take advantage of the city life, and be away from home at the same time.
Location: All around Mumbai

8. Evershine Keys Prima resorts

Such a massive property. Enjoy the classic fresh fruits and cream at this hill station, while staying at a luxurious palace-like place that’ll make you feel more than royal.
Location: Mahableshwar

9. Manoribel

Overlooking the beach, this modest place is warm and perfect for a couple. Enjoy the sunset while feasting on some yummy East-Indian food here at Manoribel.
Location: Manori Island

10. Hilton Shillim Retreat and Spa

This award-winning spa and retreat is scenic and super romantic. Book an entire villa with a private pool for you and bae.

Location: Pawana Nagar

Book any of these wonders and we’re sure you’ll love the different kinds of experience each of these have to offer.
You’re welcome!

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