After a banginseason premiere, our show #Vh1InsideAccess promised some major insider deets on episode 2. First, we went to Malaika Arora‘s gym and scooped out her fitness secrets, then we got the low-down of our #BossLady, Malini Agarwal‘s epic book launch and last but not the least we had hip-hop queen Raja Kumari join us at our studio for a rocking jam sesh. Here are a few highlights from yesterday’s show that we’re still reeling over:

1. Malaika Arora mentioned she wants to open a yoga studio.

Who wouldn’t want to join in, right? She mentioned she really wants to be good at yoga and eventually open up a yoga studio.

2. Our #SweatItOut challenge was a cakewalk for Malaika.

She zipped through our workout challenge like a pro. BTW, she had some epic answers that you must see. When given a choice, she chose a clean shaven guy over a bearded guy and a funny guy over a fit guy. But that’s not all, she and her trainer Mustafa Ahmed had their very own #SweatItOut challenge for Malini too!

3. A rocket was launched #ToTheMoon.

Yup, you read that right. Malini had a mini rocket launch to unveil her book. How cool is that? Also, some celebs gave us a hint at the title they would go for if they ever write an autobiography.

4. Kangana Ranaut told us the weirdest thing that happens at Bollywood parties.

She told us how she finds it weird when people are eyeing someone and talking to someone else. We actually get what she is trying to say here. Do you guys find it annoying too?

5. Raja Kumari had the sweetest things to say about #GullyBoy, Ranveer Singh.

Raja Kumari recently met Ranveer Singh and thought that he is a ball of fun and super hilarious. Definitely sounds like our #GullyBoy. Also, she was captivated by his performance in Padmaavat. I mean, who wasn’t?

6. We challenged Raja Kumari to show us her inner classical dancer with a super fun Bharatnatyam meets social media game.

So, Malini gave her a few situations to which she had to react with a classical dance expression. Of course, we loved the heart at the end.

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