Everyone loves to party at some point in their lives. And most get sick of it and stop, but some of us can just never get enough of the music, cocktails, energy and vibe. Already nodding your head in agreement? If you’re still living in denial, here are a few things that’ll make you realise that you’re a party animal if you don’t think you are already.

1. You Can Make Anything A Drinking Game

You could turn every single thing into a drinking game. From dialogues of a movie you’re watching to old games you played as a child, everything gets better with a shot, right?

2. You’ve Got The FOMO

How dare your friends party without you? No way you’re going to let that happen. You definitely don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

3. You Have Contacts At Almost Every Club

The bouncer is your friend, and the bartender already has your drink ready before you get there. Everyone in this club knows you. And people call you to sort their entry out at any club in the city.

4. Your Friends Avoid Your Calls During Weekdays

You could want to party midweek. By Wednesday, you’re already craving a drink. While that’s normal for you, others don’t partake in this activity because they don’t want to be shit-faced at work the next day. So, they barely take your calls unless it’s the weekend.

5. You’re Used To Getting Home At The Same Time As The Milkman

Oh yes. We’re all familiar with that walk in the morning. While your neighbors are heading out for their morning run, you’ve just got home looking like a vampire. Because you can’t stand the morning sun, and are looking to get hydrated again.

6. You’re The Admin Of Your “Weekend Plans” Group

No points for guessing. If you’ve got FOMO and you’re a party animal, you’re obviously the admin of 10+ groups on Whatsapp. One with each group you hang out with, and you’re the one making all the plans.

7. You Have a Backup Plan For Your Backup Plan

Because, duh! Who wants to be plan-less, right? God forbid that ever happen! So you simultaneously make at least 3 plans in case the other two don’t work out.

8. Party Hard Drivers & Alcohol Delivery Services Are On Your Speed Dial

You may love to party. But you’re also responsible. You make sure you’ve got yourself and your friends a driver for the night. If you’re partying at home, the alcohol delivery boy knows you really well because you order so often, you’ve got him on speed dial! And UBER and OLA are the most-used apps on your phone.

9. You Love Drinking In The Day

You live for brunches. You like to start early because you know you have more time to drink more! And while these brunches start early afternoon, they usually end around midnight, or may be later than that.

10. You Just Need An Excuse

You’ll come up with the weirdest reasons to party. You’ll say things like, “It’s my cat’s birthday” or “It’s International Tequila Day” and eventually when the first day of the week hits you bad at 12pm- “I’ve had a very long day!”

If you can relate to even a few of the above, chances are, you’re a party lover. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, you’re the one who everyone counts on over the weekend. Make no mistake, you’re the glue that holds the party scen of your group together. You should be proud!

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