International Women’s Day is around the corner. And it is dedicated to all the wonderful women in our lives. They’re our cheerleaders, pillars of strength, our counsellers, and so much more than they get credit for. Mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and best friends. They take up so many important roles selflessly. We love them with all our hearts and this is why we think Women’s Day should be every day!

1. They Look Out For One Another

They say women hate women. That’s a misconception. Most women love each other and would take a bullet for each other as well. They’ve got your back. Now and always. They’ll do anything to cheer you up or help you out.

2. They Lift Your Spirits

They know when you’re down. And they know how to cheer you up. They know what makes you happy and they’ll make sure you eventually feel better.

3. They’re Selfless

They do things and don’t expect anything in return. If they love you, they’ll selflessly help you out.

4. They’re Empowering

They’re powerful. And yet, modest. They run our homes and some of them run full-fledged companies. They know what they’re doing and are confident about themselves.

5. They Inspire You

They’re so empowering that they inspire you. They want you to be a better version of yourself. They help you evolve.

Girls Laughing (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Girls Laughing (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

6. They’re Hard Working

They’re so much fun but they’re equally hard working. They’ll work day and night if they have to without complaining.

7. They Multitask Like Bosses

They know how to balance their lives. They don’t need to show off their skills to everyone. They’re grounded and humble.

8. They’re Strong

Under that soft and gentle exterior, they’re as strong as steel inside. They go through the toughest situations in life and come out of it stronger than ever.

9. They’re The Best Counselors

When you need someone to talk to, you should give her a call. And she will be there for you no matter what. She could be your mom, sister or best friend. She knows you so well and will give you the best advice. They will guide you.

10. They’re Dependable

You can depend on her. Whatever the task is,  rest assured that it will be done. They’re trustworthy. So if you tell them a secret, they won’t tell a soul.

These are the women that make us proud. And shape who we are as people. These women are blessings in our lives and we should be grateful to them for their contributions in our life. So, take those wonderful out and celebrate this day with them.

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