Everyone wants to have a stable partner. Someone they can rely on. Someone who understands them, and someone who loves them like no other. But a lot of us struggle to find that person. People tell us that either our expectations are too high. Or we’re not looking hard enough, and some say we’re just not ready. But we so are! We want that person in our lives to comfort us with some TLC. So what’s going wrong? Why are we coming across only jerks or no one at all? Here are ways to attract the person you should ideally be with.

1. Stop Chasing It

You drive things away once you start chasing it. Let it go, and let nature take its course. The right partner will come along when you’re not chasing them.

2. Understand Your Type

It’s important to know what kind of person you should be with. The kind of person who’ll be good for you. Who will complement your personality? Take time to understand that.

3. Let Go Of Your Past

Most times, our past can haunt us. That could even mess up our present thought process. Don’t let it. Imagine both your hands full of old boxes. Till you don’t get rid of the old boxes, you can’t pick up the new boxes that are actually what you’re supposed to pick up. Get the drift?

3. Take Time To Get To Know Yourself Better

Sometimes, people need to spend time alone. To introspect. To get to know what the matter really is. Take that time.

Lonely Girl (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Lonely Girl (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

4. Look In The Right Places

A lot of times we look in the wrong directions. It’s time to start looking for people who will actually be good for you.

5. Be Someone You’d Want To Date

You should evolve into someone who you’d want to be with. The same characteristics you’d want in your ideal partner is how you need to start being yourself.

6. Give The Benefit Of The Doubt

When we start looking at too many options, we tend to ignore or neglect a potentially good partner. Don’t let this happen. Give people the benefit of doubt.

7. Listen To Your Loved Ones

This could be your friends, family, or anyone knowing you well. Your loved ones always know what’s good for you. They also know what’s not. So listen to them. They’re 100% always right.

Friends Talking (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Friends Talking (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

8. Be Positive

When you meet too many toxic people one after the other, you can’t help but fill your heart with negativity. But this is when you consciously have to stay happy no matter what and put a positive spin on everything. Smile!

9. Focus On What You Love

It’s the perfect time to focus on anything productive. Your work, your hobbies, or skills. Take this time to learn new things or travel if you’d like to.

10. Spend Time With Family

Family always keep us grounded. They teach you to be humble. There’s always so much to learn from family.

So, there you have it. It might be tough at first, but eventually, you’ll tune into it. And once you do, you’ll find what you’re looking for and what’ll make you truly happy.

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