The gym is more than just a place to come and workout nowadays. It’s less about exercise and more about socialising it would seem. While you still have your serious fitness freaks, to the rest, it’s like a social watering hole. It’s quite funny if you ever sit to notice the kind of people around you. On that note, we bring you 10 types of people we’re sure you will notice.

1. The Showoff

Has a great body and loves to show it and talk about it. This one could probably benchpress a car if they wanted.

2. The One Who’s There To Pick Up Chicks

Thinks he’s a stud but is actually a creep. Everyone can see that except him. The only reason why he pays for his gym membership is that he thinks this will help him score. Guess he never heard about Tinder huh?

3. The Noisy One

Let’s paint this scene! You’re listening to your music and doing your thing. Suddenly you hear a loud thud and a groan that frightens the s**t out of you. Congratulations, you’ve now been introduced to the noisy one.

4. The Guru

The one who knows it all! Welcome the guru. He loves giving people advice, despite the fact that they may not need it. He finds a need in having to comment on everything everyone is doing and show them a better way of doing it.

5. The Cardio Guy

Fire on the mountain run, run, run! Well, you can be sure that the cardio only one, can really run. People usually hate cardio but for some reason, all this one ever does is cardio. You feel out of breath just looking at them sprinting like a gazelle on that treadmill for so long.

6. The Serious One

No smiling and no socialising. This one is here for just one thing, to work out! The world could catch on fire outside and he’d still be working out. This one usually has a fixed time and routine and gets quite mad if anything delays them.

7. The Unhygenic One

It’s only natural that you’re going to sweat at the gym. But after using a machine, it’s your duty to clean up before the next person. No one wants your sweat all over them. They have enough of their own!

8. The One Who Does It All Wrong

Lost and confused best describe this one. Either they use the machine wrong or maybe they are just doing the exercise wrong. Clearly, they haven’t the slightest clue what they’re supposed to be doing but they do it anyway. For some odd reason, they prefer not to ask for help either.

9. The Celebrity

With an attitude so sharp, it could cut a metal sheet in half, the celebrity is famous or kinda famous. They think the whole world is looking at them and they are always conscious of everything around them.

10. The One Who Can’t Keep His Clothes On

Every single moment or compliment to his physique is an opportunity for this one to strip. At the drop of a hat, his tee shirt will be off and he will be flexing in your face or clicking a picture.

What kind of people have you seen at the gym? Let us know in the comments below.

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