We’ve all had our fair share of weird bosses. The crazy people who’ve ruined all our living days and still manage to not feel guilty about it. We’ve always felt that bosses have never understood our personal lives, but they book their vacation whenever they please. While some of us are fortunate to have the best bosses, others struggle with 1 day leaves and basically just living. Here are some types of the not-so-sweet bosses you may have encountered in your life.

1. The Philosopher

This one cannot stop talking about his life and how he’s made it to this point. The one who talks about his struggles and is always quoting motivational movies claiming it to be an original.

#ProTip: Smile and wave.

2. The Ethusiastic One

The jumpy and excited one. He’s always so energetic. But there are times when this energy turns into hyperventilation. When stress hits them, they go absolutely mental. You do not want to be a part of that.

#ProTip: Keep them away from coffee.

3. The Hitler

The strict one. He’s the one who doesn’t let you even take your 30 minute lunch break. He keeps tabs of your all your tea breaks and makes you feel like school all over again. Hey, recess time is over!

#ProTip: Record your break time for your own peace of mind.

4. The Blamer

He never wants to take responsibility. He blames you for everything. Whether it’s that document that he didn’t sign, the traffic and sometimes even the weather!

#ProTip: Have patience.

5. The Mean Machine

The one who’s rude and ridiculously mean. No one likes to talk to him because he ends up yelling at you in front of everyone and no one likes that.

#ProTip: Stand at least a mile away when you speak to him.

6. The Show-Off

The one who can’t stop talking about his achievements. He also always keeps ranting about his contacts. No one likes a name-dropper!

#ProTip: Smile and nod along.

7. The Lazy One

He doesn’t move a finger. How did he even get to this position? Who in their right mind would promote a guy like this? He’s the laziest and won’t even draft an email without his assistant.

#ProTip: Communicate only with his assistant, no point telling him anything.

8. The Forgetful One

He’ll approve something, and then forget he did. You’ve taken the heat for this so many times already, haven’t you? The best way to beat this goldfish is by writing everything on e-mail.

#ProTip: Document everything

9. The One Who Must Not Be Named

This guy is literally like Voldemort from Harry Potter. You do not want to meet him, make eye contact or even mention his name. What if he just shows up? He’ll keep assigning work to you whenever he spots you. Save yourself!

#ProTip: Hide

10. The Poker Faced One

It’s impossible to read this guy. You can never predict his reaction. He’s smiling at you right now, but two minutes late, you may not even have a job!

#ProTip: Learn Poker

It’s hard enough that you have to spend half your life in a train or cab, crawling into office. And what makes it worse, is your boss yelling at you through the rest of the day. Tell us about your boss in the comments below.

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