Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui‘s memoir, An Ordinary Life, created quite a stir when it was released last year. Such was the level of chaos that the actor had to eventually withdraw it and apologise to the people (his ex-girlfriends) who were hurt due to his (scandalous?!) revelations. The past lovers he had named in his book, Sunita Rajwar and Niharika Singh, even sent him legal notices for using their names without prior permission.

Recently, the actor opened up to a leading daily about releasing the book and eventually not releasing it. He said:

I think writing the book was a big mistake. I regret that. It’s sad that in a book with 209 pages, only five pages were highlighted. Everything else was ignored. It was also my fault for naming two or three people from my life back then. But I also apologized for it later.

He further said:

I wrote about my struggles, my life, the mistakes I made when I was stupid, and how I became a better person after I learnt from my mistakes. But it backfired. If and when I write something after 10-12 years, I will write only lies. The world doesn’t deserve the truth.

Your thoughts?