Amidst media speculation that two actresses can’t actually be friends, both TV and Bollywood actresses have been seen breaking the stereotype time and again. And this is one such incident where there’s truly some #GirlLove between the girls.

Recently, ex-Bigg Boss contestant Benafsha Soonawalla turned showstopper for Bombay Fashion Week.

As you can see, she looked absolutely stunning having graced the ramp with a spring in her step. But, trollers thought otherwise and took to Twitter to poke fun at Benafsha.

The trollers seemed to infuriate Hina Khan and she chose to give them a fitting reply. Here’s what she had to say.

Hell yeah! What she said ^

Benafsha also had something to say to her trollers.

While Bigg Boss friendships and relationships often tend to fall apart during the course of the show or after, (Due to the sheer amount of controversies surrounding each contestant) Hina and Benafsha’s friendship have lasted through the tough environment in the house and seem to be doing so even outside. Both ex-Bigg Boss contestants are really active on social media. But, Hina recently suggested that she considered quitting social media just because of the sheer hate that Big Boss fan wars have created across platforms.

You can’t blame her, can you?

While we love how Hina stood up for Benafsha, we hope that fans take a more sensitive approach and spread love and not hate.