Sunil Grover Breaks His Silence On Kapil Sharma's Health Issues

Pallavi Manoj , 13 Apr 2018
Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover
Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, as a regular TV viewer you would know that Kapil Sharma has been making headlines for quite a few weeks now, and unfortunately, it isn’t for the right reasons. Earlier this week, Kapil started off his day with tweets defending Salman Khan, but it soon turned into an abusive rant against the barrage of fake news doing the rounds.

Here are those unfortunate set of tweets.

Kapil Sharma Tweets On Fake News
Source: Hindustan Times

The comedian went on to delete these tweets and posted an apology tweet saying his account was hacked, but, the damage was already done and the screenshots of his rant started to go viral. Kapil’s antics didn’t stop there because he went on to have an abusive phone conversation with Vickey Lalwani. He even went on to file a police complaint against his former managers Preeti Simoes and Neeti Simoes for defaming him on digital media.

When things got out of hand, Kapil’s co-star and friend, Kiku Sharda stepped in to defend him and asked everyone to give him some space and time. Other’s from the comedy circle like Bharti Singh, Sughandha Mishra and Upasana Singh joined in to tell the media the same. Even Shilpa Shinde called for everyone to support Kapil in this hour of distress. His former colleague and friend, Sunil Grover was the only one who had remained tight-lipped about the whole situation.

Until now.

Recently, he was asked what he thought about the Kapil-Vickey fiasco, and Sunil simply said that he wishes Kapil takes good care of his health and makes a comeback. He also went on to say that his family should take good care of his health. He lightened the mood by cracking a joke to end the interview.

A few months ago, Sunil and Kapil made the news when they had a very public mid-air brawl on a flight. In spite of all their differences, looks like Sunil wishes only the best for Kapil.

We all hope Kapil can recover his health and resolve all his issues to come back with a bang and entertain us!

Is it too much to ask for a Kapil-Sunil reunion too? Tell us in the comments below!

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