A good breakfast turns an average day into a good one. A well-rounded breakfast is always a great start to the day. If you’re a breakfast person, you’re sure to indulge in some yummy pancakes. Of course, it isn’t the healthiest option, but definitely a delicious one. If you want to get a taste of the city’s best pancakes, we’ve got you a list of places in Mumbai that you ought to try. Here they are:

1. The Pancake Story, Mutltiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Nutella Mini Pancakes
Price: ₹120 ++

2. 99 Pancakes, Mutltiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Maple Lady Pancakes
Price: ₹140 ++

3. The Nutcraker, Mutltiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Belgian Chocolate Buttermilk Pancakes
Price: ₹425 ++

4. Mini Pancakes And More, Bandra

MM Recommends: We Heart It Pancakes
Price: ₹180 ++

5. 145, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Nutella Pancakes
Price: ₹246 ++

6. The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel

MM Recommends: Nutella And Marshmallow Buttermilk Pancakes
Price: ₹420 ++

7. Indigo Delicatessen, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Fruit Pancakes
Price: ₹490 ++

These pancakes will probably give you the ultimate foodgasm you’ve been craving. These super soft pancakes with the perfect toppings are not just a good start to the day, but also great for a mid-day dessert indulgence.

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