Monday is hands down one of the most difficult days to get through. The start of the week always feels like a roller coaster. Whether it’s dealing with an insane hangover or just being lazy, it’s just the kind of day that makes you go, meh. The day is painful for pretty much everybody unless you’re like those super happy types. Here are 10 stages that we’re sure almost everyone goes through on a Monday.

1. Can I just sleep for 10 minutes more?

Waking up on a Monday morning is one the most dreaded tasks. The bed feels so much comfier and you just wish you could go back to sleep. Sadly, reality calls and you need to exit dreamland. This feeling is way more intense when paired with a hangover.

2. Do I really have to go?

Every Monday, the one question everyone asks themselves is if they really have to go. Whether it’s college or work, no one really wants to go. You’d much rather be unproductive and go back to sleep.

3. Why is travelling such a pain? This literally feels like forever.

Everything on a Monday feels like it’s never-ending. Travelling, however, is one of the worst things ever. If you work or study far from where you live, it’s a total pain in the a**.

4. Ok, stop! Please don’t talk to me right now.

Some people are really enthusiastic about the start of the week. However, most people, aren’t! We all know that feeling when someone comes up to you and starts talking to you about something. It’s even worse if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet.

5. Really? Do we absolutely have to do this right now?

If it can wait, do it later. If it can’t, you should probably do it later anyway. We’d all much rather be asleep or doing anything else but this, whatever this is… Also, pretty sure this meeting we’re sitting in could have just been an email.

6. Not sure if it’s the hangover, the hunger or just the day.

You’re probably going through a bunch of feelings that range from anger, exertion or just hunger. On a Monday, everything feels like it’s just multiplied by hundred.

7. Why can’t Friday come again after Sunday?

Throughout the day, you keep wishing it was the weekend still. Honestly though, why can’t Friday actually come after Sunday? We’d all be much happier!

8. Can’t someone else do it?

Lazy is probably a mild way of putting what you feel on a Monday. If you can get out of doing something, you’re sure as hell going to escape. The one thing we all look for is someone else to dump our work on.

9. Literally feels like time isn’t moving.

What feels like six hours is actually just one hour. On a Monday, it feels like time is standing still. Every time you look at the time, it’s like your watch is f**king with you. When it comes to the last few minutes before the day ends, it moves even slower!

10. Well, I guess it wasn’t all that bad.

Finally! The day is over. Well, except the travelling back home part. While you struggle to drag yourself home, you start to realise that the day wasn’t all that bad. Sure it felt like hell, but you still got through it so you feel like a champ.

What’s one word you’d use to describe Monday? Let us know in the comments below.

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