Karan Johar Reveals Which Scene He Would Like To Change From My Name Is Khan

Priyanka Parmar , 27 Apr 2018

Karan Johar is one director who knows how to bring emotions to life on screen. But like any creative person, Karan also is his own critic and at a recent event, he revealed that there was something he’d like to change in one of his films. The movie in question is none other than the Shah Rukh Khan starrer, My Name Is Khan. He said that he was proud of his film, but if he could revisit it, he would have directed the ‘hurricane’ sequence again.

Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol

He was quoted telling the media:

When a film is made you do get a chance of evaluation of what is right and what is wrong. Every time I see my films, I feel there is a scope for improvement. There is a hurricane section in the film where I felt in direction, I did not do it well. It was my mistake. So, if I had (the chance to) revisit I could have changed that 15 minutes scene.

He further added:

I am proud of the communication of the film, I am proud of the context of the film. I am proud of Rizwan Khan, played by Shah Rukh Khan and the way he played the character, and the message. I was very proud of it. I am grateful to writer Shibani Bathija.

The film definitely left an impression on all of us!

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