Being easy targets, celebrities often fall prey to cyber hacking. According to latest reports, Shekhar Suman is the latest victim as his Facebook account was hacked on Friday evening. The actor told IANS:

I am highly disappointed about the whole episode of my Facebook account hacking. Though I am not too active on Facebook, in the evening, I started getting calls from some friends mentioning how someone must have hacked my account and posting some nude pictures and objectionable material on my wall. I will be reporting to the cyber crime cell about it.

The incident has pushed the actor to go offline. He said:

Earlier also, I thought about it, but my friends and fans told me not to do so because it is a nice way to stay connected with my fans. But after this incident, I think I might just do that because it is about my reputation.

He further added:

At least we are the celebrity so we have some credibility and people will not believe that I would post such pictures. Think about common people, how they will prove that they are not guilty… hacking is one of the dangerous things in the digital era.

And you thought your weekend was the worst?!

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