Once the weekend is here, a lot of us like to make plans with all our friends to hang out and have a great time. In fact, the more the merrier. But there are many of us that prefer to stay home in bed and cuddle with our cats. These people are introverts. An introvert is quite anti-social and likes to be by himself. If you’re one of them, you may relate to these points. Here they are:

1. You’ve Got The RBF 24/7

You basically don’t want to talk to anyone ever. For them to not approach you, you’ve always got that resting b*tch face on.

2. You Cancel Plans To Spend Time With Yourself

Your friends have stopped calling you for plans. It’s because they’re tired of the rejection every time. You much rather sit at home and watch a movie all curled up in bed. And when someone else cancels, it’s a bonus!

3. You Ignore People Because You Just Can’t Deal

A lot of people want to strike a conversation with you. But you just can’t. If they walk toward you, you quickly look away and ignore them. Sometimes, you aren’t even that subtle.

4. You Avoid Calls

You don’t like to speak on the phone. Small talks are just not your thing. All you’ll ever do is create that awkward silence and that’s just embarrassing. So you don’t pick up calls from people you know will speak a lot.

5. You Try To Deal With The Fact That Every Day Is Awkward

Any kind of interaction is awkward. You already know that wherever you go and whatever you do, it’ll all be awkward.

6. You Prefer Texting

Instead of calling, you text. You prefer it because you can think of your answer and type it out, instead of those awkward phone conversations.

7. You Prefer To Be Alone In Any Situation

You never really like to hang out in groups. Instead, you prefer to be alone and do things your way.

8. Social Gatherings Give You The Hibbie Jibbies

Parties? No way! The minute you hear you need to attend a party whether it’s for work or a friend’s birthday, you just basically dread it.

9. You Have Conversations In Your Head

A lot of times you think people understand you because you’re talking to them in your head. You can’t talk to these people face-to-face so you just keep it all in thinking they get you.

10. You Can’t Handle People Making Noise At Work

Shhh! You’re trying to focus but people at work are chatting away because they’re friendly with each other. But not you. You just want to finish work and go home to spend some time alone.

We know that being an introvert could be challenging. But don’t worry, you’ll find your tribe. Just hang in there.

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