Staying fit is somewhat a trend these days. And while some people conveniently call themselves healthy just by eating a bowl of salad once a week, others religiously workout and maintain a healthy diet. These guys take their lifestyle very seriously. They don’t have cheat days or even cheat meals. For them fitness is everything. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, chances are you’re one of them. If you’re a health freak, here are some things you’d definitely relate to.

1. You Get Excited To Prepare Your Breakfast Bowls

Mornings are all about smoothies and pretty looking breakfast bowls. You wake up early and excited to prepare these. Those chia seeds, almond milk and fruits. Yum!

2. You’re The Health Expert

All your friends and family call you for diets and workouts. You’re the in-house health expert.

3. You Look Forward To Working Out

You can’t wait to workout every day. In fact, you never miss it. That’s the one thing you look forward to daily.

4. You Live On Superfood

You love chia seeds, avocado, almond milk and all the other superfoods you consume on a daily basis.

5. You Read The Ingredients Of All Your Food

Whenever you head to the grocery store and pick up an item, the first thing you’ll do is read the back so you can check how many calories, fat and sugar it contains.

6. Black Coffee FTW

Black coffee is the only way you’d wake up. In fact, bulletproof coffee is what gets you all charged up for the day.

7. Coconut Oil Is Life

You use coconut oil in everything. It’s literally the only constant ingredient in all your meals. You promote it like you get a commission from its sale.

8. You Spend All Your Money On Health Supplies

While most people spend their money on food, shopping or alcohol, you spend it on buying your protein supplements and other healthy ingredients.

9. You Stay Hydrated AF

You’re always hydrated. You know the importance of water and make sure you always drink tons of it.

10. You’re Used To People Talking About You

Not many people understand the obsession you have with health. When you choose to drink a smoothie instead of a beer, people end up judging you almost instantly. But you couldn’t be bothered. You laugh at them in your head thinking of all the damage they’re doing to their bodies.

If you’re a health nut you should be proud. Not many people are as passionate about being fit. It takes a lot of commitment to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

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