There are good friends, and then there are BFFs. The BFFs are the ones who stay in your life forever. It doesn’t matter when you’ve met them or how long you’ve known them for. It’s how close you guys are now and what you’d do for each other that matters. If you feel this way about your group, know that you guys are awesome. Here are certain things only a crew of close friends will relate to. Let’s get right to it!


Every person in the group likes to hang out with the rest. But there are times when someone can’t make it for a plan. And that person hates being away and miss all that fun. They’ve got the Fear Of Missing Out.

2. Codependence

All the group members are codependent on each other. Whether it is for making a plan or getting something done, they always depend on others in the crew to make it happen.

3. Inside Jokes

Every group has inside jokes. If an outsider had to crash the outing, he wouldn’t understand a thing. It’s only because of all those lame inside jokes and experiences you all share.

4. Looking Out For Each Other

You all have each other’s back. If you hate someone, they all hate that person. It’s that simple.

5. Emotional Extortion

If someone bails out of a plan, the other gives them the most emo and sentimental reasons to show up. This emotional extortion is very common and is used pretty often too.

6. Separation Anxiety

When it’s been more than three days of seeing each other, everyone in the group starts getting a separation anxiety. They immediately make a plan to meet up because they think that three days is a month in BFF years.

7. Struggles To Make Plans

Everyone wants to go out but no one wants to plan and coordinate the whole thing. The whole ordeal of where to go, what time and how many people is just a nightmare. And let’s not even get to weekend getaways.

8. Internal Debts

Because of all those outings and shortage of money, there will be virtual accounting books that are maintained by all group members. The money just keeps floating from one person to another. It’s because A owes money to B, B owes it to C and C owes it to A. Why don’t you just call it quits instead!

9. Made Up Words

Just like inside jokes, the crew has made up words too. It could be a term, a phrase or even someone’s new nick-name.

10. Constant Meme Tagging

The whole crew constantly tags each other in relatable memes. The ones that have anything to do with groups, plans or even something about a specific person in the group.

Does this sound familiar? Go ahead, read these out to your crew and have a good laugh!

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