There are all sorts of people in this world and you encounter different personalities everywhere you go. Especially in the mornings when you struggle to make it for your train. Once you get on, you come across so many different types of people, right? Some are nice, and others just make your day more difficult. Here are a few people you may find on a local train.

1. Tsk Tsk Aunty

This aunty is always making faces at you. Whether you’re near her or not. She has a problem with whatever you do. She’s constantly letting out the passive-aggressive tsks.

2. Gossip Mongers

These people sit in a group and just talk about everyone. They gossip about work, family, friends and even fellow passengers. They may even have a go at you.

3. The First-Timer

This person is travelling by train for the first time ever. She isn’t familiar with the rules of the train. The poor kid is being pushed around and has lost her way.

4. Netflix Bingers

This person finishes their quota of binge-watching all their favourite shows on their train rides to work.

5. The Pervert

This person stares at you. All the time. They even try to come near you quite often.

6. The Pick-Pocket

You’ve just got on the train. With your headphones in your ears. Your listening to music and suddenly, the music stops. That’s because you’ve been robbed. Your phone is gone!

7. The One Buying All The Clips

There’s that one person in the train who buys all the damn clips. It’s actually not restricted to clips. She buys jewellery, chips, pickle and anything being sold on the train.

8. The Snooper

This one can never mind her own business. If you’re on your phone, texting or browsing your social media, this person just snoops into your phone. Not realising that they’re totally invading your space.

9. The One With The BO

We understand that the train journey could be hectic. Running to catch that train, and of course, the heat makes it worse. But we all carry perfume to reduce the body odour. However, some people do not realise this and we have to bear the brunt.

10. The Bully

This person sets all the rules. She’d fight with you and bully you into things. Like not standing around her, or sitting near her seat, etc.

So, there you have it. The next time you’re on your daily local, make sure to spot these!

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