The weather is a little all over the place right now. That being said, the time to prepare for an early and possibly erratic monsoon is here. While getting wet in the rain is fun sometimes, getting caught off-guard when you’re having a bad day isn’t. So, here are a few quick and helpful tips that will help you be prepared for the monsoon.

1. Always be prepared for a sudden shower.

A sudden shower can literally bring your day to a halt. The most basic step to follow in the monsoon is to always carry an umbrella or raincoat with you. Just because you think it’s probably not going to rain, doesn’t mean it actually won’t. If you plan on stepping out, just pack an umbrella in your backpack along with a change of clothes.

2. Check the forecast for the day.

It’s a good idea to check the forecast of the day before you head out. If you have certain areas you’ll be visiting, you could keep tabs on what the weather may end up being. Since the forecast usually updates in real time, you can get a general idea of what the day is going to look like and plan accordingly.

3. Try and avoid areas prone to flooding.

While the rain is unavoidable, what you can avoid is areas that you know usually flood. In a city like Mumbai, you know for a fact that even the slightest amount of rain can choke up many low line areas. So, if the forecast predicts some rain, either finish your work early or avoid those areas. Furthermore, if you think you’re going to get stuck on your way to work, call in a work from home day.

4. Keep your body healthy.

When the weather changes, your body becomes more vulnerable to illness. During this time, water-borne diseases are all over the place. You need to be careful of drinking water from open sources and also be careful what you eat. Avoid raw produce and make sure you wash your vegetables well. Try and not stay wet for prolonged periods of time as the chances of falling sick are high. If you do end up getting wet, have a warm bath to normalise your temperature. Also, keep tabs on your immunity and if you feel ill, get a checkup!

5. Stock up on emergency supplies and basic ration.

It’s pretty hard to predict how heavy it’s going to rain. It’s always advisable to stock up on extra supplies and ration just in case everything comes to a halt. This also helps limit how much or how far you’ll need to travel at a later time.

6. Help others in need.

If the rains get too much and you know people are stuck somewhere, it’s always good to help out, in whatever capacity you can. That being said, it’s not only the humans who need help during this time. If you happen to see helpless animals (dogs or cats) in the rain, give them a little shelter outside your door or in your house. Don’t shoo them away and force them to deal with the rain. Be humane and help everyone and everything.

7. Plan your day out ahead of time.

In the monsoons, there are always chances that your plans are going to go for a toss. Try to avoid spontaneous plans, at least for work-related things. It’s essential to remember that during this time, you can expect a lot of cancellations and delays. So, plan your days with these things in mind. If you travel by road, be aware of the possibility of heavy traffic jams.

How do you plan on dealing with the upcoming monsoons? Let us know in the comments below.

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