7 Reasons Why Self-Pity Is Ultimately Self-Destructive

7 Reasons Why Self-Pity Is Ultimately Self-Destructive

Karishma Govil

What goes up must come down. And while life is a roller coaster, we need to understand that happiness and sadness go hand in hand. They both co-exist and that’s okay. Both are equally important. The only problem sometimes is, that some people get stuck in a self-pity shell. That shell is tough to crack open and only someone who realises this on their own can truly get out of it. Here are a few reasons why one shouldn’t entertain self-pity and why it’s so toxic.

1. It’s Addictive

The stage of people feeling sorry for you temporarily is addictive. You don’t realise how good it feels when you get that kind of attention till it stops and people go on with their lives and that makes you go back into a deeper layer of self-pity.

2. It Bottles Up All Those Feelings

You don’t confront those feelings because you’re too busy crying about your situation. So looking for a solution isn’t a priority. Eventually, every bottled-up feeling gushes out at the wrong time.

Woman Crying (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

3. It Creates An Isolated Bubble

A lot of people will initially help you, but eventually, they will move on with their lives. That’ll isolate you at some point and that’s not what you need on a bad day.

4. You Live In Denial

Most people who pity themselves don’t accept it. And that’s very dangerous. Because only if you accept the truth can you actually change it.

Sad Woman (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Sad Woman (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

5. It Keeps You From Being Productive

You’re constantly being negative. Hence, all your energy goes into it. This, in turn, makes you unproductive.

6. It Keeps You From Moving On

You’re so caught up in self-pity that you keep thinking about your situation. And hence, you’re unable to move on from that problem.

7. It’s Tough To Get Out Of That Vicious Circle

That negative energy is like quicksand. It keeps building in your mind and it’s really tough to get out of it.

So, next time you see yourself walking into the self-pity trap, make sure to look the other way.

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