7 Reasons That Prove Why Hugs Are Truly The Best Thing Ever

Atmaj Vyas , 04 Jun 2018

It’s hard to imagine anybody who doesn’t love hugs. It’s one of the best feelings in the world! A hug is like this magical thing that has the ability to change your mood and make a rather gloomy day into a good one. A hug isn’t just a mushy thing. It’s actually pretty good for you! Here are a few reasons that prove why hugs are truly the best thing ever, and why you need to start doubling up your efforts for it!

1. Best Stress Buster

If you see someone a little stressed out (not a random person), give them a hug! Researchers have found that the human touch lowers output of cortisol, a stress hormone. Not only do hugs reduce stress, it also increases serotonin and dopamine. These are the two brain chemicals that make you feel good.

2. Helps Cheer People Up

There’s no denying that a big and tight hug can cheer anyone up. A more scientific explanation would be that hugs are known to release oxytocin, which is a chemical known to be connected with happiness and social bonding. There is a catch though (a really good one too)! In order to fully release the oxytocin in your body, the hug needs to be at least 6 seconds. A 20-second hug is considered the perfect hug!

3. Helps You Live In The Present

Something a lot of us struggle with is letting go and living in the present. We often forget about small things given the pace and type of life we live. Hugs are a lot like meditation in that sense. It has a way of helping and teaching us to let go and be present in the moment. It helps us snap out and get rid of stuff on your mind. It gets you out of your circular thinking patterns and connects you with your heart and emotions.

4. Helps Lower Your Heart Rate

Fun fact, not only do hugs lower your heart rate, it also keeps your heart strong! In 2009, a study by the American Psychosomatic Society revealed that partners or friends who engaged in a 20-second hug before speaking about a stressful situation had a lower heart rate. They also had a lower blood pressure than other participants who were resting alone. Hugs are also known to help in cases of extreme fear and anxiety.

5. Builds Trust

Hugs seem to have a caring and nurturing touch to them. This, in turn, tends to build a degree of trust and a sense of safety. A nice big hug can make your special someone or even a friend open up a little more, enabling you to have an honest communication. It’s like building a bridge of trust, one hug at a time.

6. Gives You All The Feels

There are some people who watch movies when they’re down, some eat ice cream and others, well, they like hugs! It’s like a rush of feelings that takes over you. It’s funny how something so small and simple has the ability to turn around your entire day around.

7. Strengthens Your Relationship

In a relationship, hugs are considered the best thing to help build and solidify your relationship. Though sadly, hugging random people doesn’t have the same effect (duh), it does help when you’re in love with someone. Hugs are like security blankets! So, it helps increase trust and security.

If you aren’t a hugger, it’s probably time for you to start reconsidering! After all, even science agrees that hugs are truly the best thing ever!

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