10 Captivating Videos By Amit Aggarwal That Showcase The Intricacy Of Couture

Rashmi Bhosale , 25 Jun 2018

Not many people know about the hard work and intricacy that is involved in the making of a couture creation or why it is expensive. A couture ensemble is a made-to-measure outfit according to individual client preferences and involves detailed handiwork. To create awareness, haute couture brands like Chanel and Dior have now started to showcase the BTS work that goes in the making of their ensembles. In India, it is Amit Aggarwal who is a trailblazer in this type of showcase. On his Instagram feed, he has been showing the inspiration and the work that went into the making of his structural designs, like the video featuring Deepika Padukone‘s dandelion dress. These videos are not only artistic, but they also give us an insight into the couture business. Scroll down to check it out and hit the play button to get a glimpse of Amit Aggarwal’s couture world:

1. The Modern Bride

2. Geometric Patterns

3. Ruffles With Metallic Cording

4. The Shawl Project

5. Spring Bridal Couture 2018

6. Deepika Padukone’s Dandelion Dress

The Deepika Dandelion dress. I wanted to create something that imbibed qualities of being effortless yet graceful, simple yet eternal , modern yet deep rooted. I looked upon the form and detail of a dandelion flower for inspiration. It's simple form yet intricate structure, its ability to sway with the wind and spreading its petals to carry million wishes. A weightless spherical form was created through a ruffle like structure. It was then detailed with radiating lines done with our signature polymer strips on a very gossamer chanderi and intricately beaded with a million tiny crystals almost emulating the lightness of a swaying dandelion. The simple stem of the flower created the column like silhouette at the bottom. @shaleenanathani @deepikapadukone #amitaggarwalcouture #makeawish #deepikapadukone #amitaggarwal #couture #fashion #madeinindia #makeinindia #amitaggarwalstudio #womensfashion #bollywood #inspiration

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7. Signature Details

8. Butterfly Series

9. Shades Of Copper

10. Inspiration Video

These videos are a visual treat for someone who is interested in fashion and making of a garment. What are your thoughts about these visual showcases? Tell us in the comments below.

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