The world is suffering at the hands of humans and Anushka Manchanda is determined to make us sit up and take notice of everything we’re doing wrong. Earlier last week, we released exclusive photos of the imaginary creature created by the talented artist and her team to launch her music alias, NUKA. The pictures spoke volumes of the kind of music that’s in store for us. Well, the first video is out and it is so much more than what we could’ve expected.

Have a look at the gripping song titled, Don’t Be Afraid here!

The direction, visuals, music and the lyrics of the song have a fresh take and will make you want to play it on a loop. It gives a strong message in a way that the audience will connect with and not shy away from. Anushka will astound you as she transcends into different elements of the wild and generous nature that we so easily take for granted.

What the video spoke to me the most about was how humans mourn the death of people in their lives. But who mourns when parts of nature slowly wither out of existence? Is anyone even taking notice?

Look around, do you see it? Do you hear that? It’s the cry of nature calling out for your help. Go on, listen, act and effect change.

Be sympathetic, be bold; don’t be afraid.