With a city that offers a variety of cuisines, there’s nothing else a Mumbaikar could really ask for. Every corner of every street has so much to offer in terms of fantastic food. So, today, we’ve got you a list of places that serve the most delicious macarons in Mumbai. Macarons are a quick fix for that sweet craving we all get every once in a while. And hey, they make a super cute gift too. It could brighten up anyone’s day. So let’s get right to it.

1. Le 15 Patisserie, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Sea Salt
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹500 ++

2. Daniel Patissier, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Bubblegum
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹200 ++

3. Cocoamaya Patisserie, Sakinaka

MM Recommends: Cheesecake
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹300 ++

4. Melting Morsels, Bandra

MM Recommends: Blueberry
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹300 ++

5. Sassy Teaspoon, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Rose
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹450 ++

6. Toshin, Chembur

MM Recommends: Key Lime
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹400 ++

7. Sugar Rush, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Coffee
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹500 ++

8. La Folie Lab, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Chocolate
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,400 ++

So, if you’re ever feeling down and out, just drop by these places in the city and treat yourself to one of these yummy macarons. Tell us your favourite flavour in the comments below.

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