Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor

A few weeks ago, we gave you a glimpse of Sushant Singh Rajput’s social media feed. The account which was filled with images had suddenly disappeared and all we could see was a post with a poem. Now, another Bollywood actor has followed suit and it is none other than, Shraddha Kapoor. Just yesterday we saw Shraddha sharing some of the best moments of her family vacation on Instagram but something has gone wrong with her social media account. All the Instagram posts of the actress have disappeared and replaced by a very cryptic warning. Her social media has only three images which read ‘Mard Ko Dard Hoga’ that has left us all wondering what this is all about!

Check it out!

Shraddha Kapoor's Instagram feed
Shraddha Kapoor’s Instagram feed

All her fans and followers have started reacting to this sudden change and have been suggesting that her account has been hacked since even her profile picture has disappeared. The biggest question is how has this happened and what does ‘Mard Ko Dard Hoga’ mean?

Is it for her upcoming film, Stree or something else? Tell us, somebody!