10 Things Only A 'Type A' Person Will Relate To

Karishma Govil , 24 Jul 2018

There is a theory that defines two types of personalities according to psychology: Type A and Type B. While Type B is a relaxed group of people, Type A is a highly organised, competitive and ambitious group. There are people as vanilla as they can be and then there are enthu-cutlets who have to be the best at everything. if you’re the latter one, here are a few things you may be able to relate to.

1. People Think You’re Crazy

You’re so obsessed at being the best, people actually think there’s something wrong with you.

2. You’re The Official Planner In Your Group

If there is a party to plan, people always give you the responsibility. Whether it’s a trip, party or a wedding you’re the designated planner because of your organisational skills.

3. You Can’t Be Idle

You always feel the need to do something. You just can’t sit idle. You have so much energy inside you, that it needs to get out.

4. You Have To Win At Everything

There’s no question about that. There is no way you can lose, ever! Which is why people don’t like to play any sport or games with you. Because you’ll do anything to win.

5. You May Have Weird Nervous Habits

You’re so anxious all the time, that you may have these weird habits like biting your nails or shaking your legs, etc.

6. You Need Everything To Happen Now

You can’t wait. You need everything to happen right away. You have zero chill.

7. You’re Extremely Goal Driven

Your so goal-driven that every goal is pre-planned years in advance. And everything has to go according to ‘The Plan’.

8. You’re Always On Time

You respect other people’s time and are always punctual. You don’t like people waiting for you because you find that disrespectful.

9. You’re Way Too Organised

Your plans have plans. You’re so organised that you don’t leave any room for a mess. You have planners and calendars that are marked with things to do. You have little boxes that organise smaller knick-knacks and more.

10. You’re A Perfectionist

You don’t leave any room for error. As mentioned above, you’re too organised to falter. You don’t stop doing something till it’s absolutely perfect.

If you’re anything like this, you might be a type A person. You make the best planners for trips, parties and weddings. You’re super trustworthy and dependable. And of course, despite your shrill and obsessive behaviour, everyone loves you!

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