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Some people are allergic to different food items. It could be shellfish, dairy, eggs among others. However, even though you might not be allergic to some things, there are particular food items that could make you feel bloated after consumption. These are best avoided so that your tummy doesn’t bloat. Here are a few foods that could cause bloating and must be excluded from your diet or at least reduced.

1. Dairy

When you consume any dairy products, the lactose in it travels to the large intestine where the gut bacteria ferments it. This leads to gas and bloating. Switch to almond milk or any other nut milk instead.

Milk (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Milk (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

2. Sodas

The fizz in sodas tends to get trapped in the stomach that causes gas and eventually makes you bloat. Switch to detox water (water with fruit, cucumber or lime) instead.

3. Barley

People who are intolerant to gluten can feel bloated after consumption of barley as it contains a lot of gluten. Also, since barley is packed with fibre, people who aren’t used to that much fibre can feel bloated.

4. Wheat

Similar to barley, if someone is gluten-sensitive, they can feel bloated since wheat is loaded with gluten. The carbohydrates in wheat make it hard to digest and hence, causes bloating.

Grains (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

5. Artificial Sweeteners

The aspartame and sucralose in sweeteners are hard to digest and that causes bloating.

6. Alcohol

If you’re drinking alcohol with mixers like sodas or juices, you’re consuming a lot of sugar. Sugar, as we all know it, is hard to digest and hence causes bloating.

Drinks At The Lighthouse Cafe
Drinks At The Lighthouse Cafe

7. Salty Food

Salt causes water retention and that results in tummy bloating. Consider reducing your salt intake daily.

So, find healthy alternatives to these foods and we’re sure the bloating will reduce considerably.

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