#FriendsFirst (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
#FriendsFirst (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

There has been a lot of debate about the factors that help make a marriage successful and stand the test of time. While there are many, one that stands out the most and is also pretty rare, is the bond of friendship. When your partner is also your best friend, even the toughest times can be made much easier. When it comes to ego or insecurities, you know you can put that behind you because of the bond you share with them. From the way you approach each other and every situation, to the level of understanding and respect you have for one another, remembering you were #FriendsFirst, can always make the biggest difference. The new campaign by PGI‘s Platinum Days Of Love makes you realise just how important a friendship can be.

Honesty Becomes The Highest Form Of Intimacy

Honesty is something that is essential for every relationship in order for it to grow and flourish. Often times, we tend to hide the truth or shy away from it because we’re unsure what the other person might think about it. In a relationship, things can get complicated when you start keeping secrets from each other and that’s when the rifts start. It’s exactly at moments like this when it’s essential to remember that you were friends much before you were married. Building a bond of friendship with the person you’re with helps break down that communication barrier many may have with their partner. While it’s something everyone should strive for, it’s also something people tend to forget. Remember, friends understand each other and a strong friendship will help you to be honest.

You Conquer Vulnerability & Fear With Ease

A lot of people perceive vulnerability as a sign of weakness and something they cannot afford to show. When it comes to marriages, sometimes partners build up walls. Whether it’s consciously or sub-consciously, these walls have a way of creating rifts between couples. It’s moments like this when you need to realise that you actually share a bond with your partner that is special and rare, and that is a bond of friendship. Being friends with your partner is something that allows you the space to drop your guard and show your more vulnerable side. You can show your true emotions without the fear of being judged or being misconstrued. You know they understand you and will never take you for granted.

There Is A Deep Sense Of Mutual Respect

Respect is a two-way street. You give it and you get it. This can be said for any marriage. The realisation of knowing that your partner is also your friend is something that allows you to have more respect for them. You share a deeper bond and know each other well enough to know where to draw the line. You have a sense of respect for who they are and also their choices in life, which in turn allows you to understand them and their needs better. You also have a sense of admiration for them and everything they’ve been through in life. When you start to see yourself falter, remind yourself of this and if you feel either of you crosses a certain line, know that the basis of your friendship, allows you to be able to talk about it.

You’re More Capable Of Moving Past Your Insecurities

Every human has insecurities, whether we admit to it or not. At times, our insecurities tend to surface and that usually brings out a different side to us. In a marriage, these insecurities can often cause hurdles and rifts between partners. When you share a bond of friendship with your partner, you’re able to discuss these insecurities and have a healthy conversation with them. You know them and know that these insecurities aren’t coming from a place of malice and can actually even tell when something is off. Friendship in a marriage helps break down the invisible wall that stands in the way of an honest heartfelt conversation. Your friends know and understand you, and so does your partner. So remember, you were #FriendsFirst.

You’re In It Together

When your partner is also your best friend, you can be assured that you’ll always have a companion for life. Through the rough patches and through the good times as well, they will always have your back. All your crazy quirks and all your bad habits, they know all of it and it doesn’t change the way they will look at you. You can always talk to them about anything at all. They value your space, opinion, company and most importantly, the real you. So, whenever you feel lost or out of place, look towards your significant other and remember, that you were #FriendsFirst.

When you look at your partner and see know that you can trust them with anything, because you’ve been through everything including the good and the bad, is a rare and special bond that everyone should strive to achieve. In fact, to celebrate the rare bond of friendship, Platinum Days of Love is running a contest that you can’t miss out on! To participate, here’s everything you need to know!

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So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to celebrate the unique, rare and special bond of friendship!

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