Yes! It’s that time of the month again. The time when your bank account looks a whole lot fuller, there’s a smile on everyone’s face and people start making plans about buying stuff. If you haven’t got it yet, we’re referring to the fact that its time to get your salary. During this time, everyone pretty much goes through the same thoughts. Here are 7 of the most common ones!

1. Finally, it’s here!

The best feeling ever is when you check your account or get that message of your salary is credited. Honestly, it’s like sitting on a rollercoaster.

2. Okay, time to save now!

The first thought that comes to your mind when you get your salary, is about how much you’re going to save. It’s also the first promise you make yourself at the start of every month. While there are the special exceptions, the rest of us know exactly how this one ends.

3. Yay! Time to go shopping!

The second thing you’re probably thinking about is all those filled carts and wishlists you’ve left hanging for so long. While you may not end up buying everything, you’re pretty much going to refresh the cart and buy a couple of things! It also helps you feel better about not saving anything at all because technically you’re investing in your happiness, no?

4. Oh f*ck! The damn bills!

Play that dramatic music! It’s the moment when reality hits you in the face. The sudden realisation that you have bills and rent to pay sends shivers down your spine. While contemplating things from running away to robbing a bank, you realise that you can’t do anything else but pay them.

5. Man, I hate being an adult!

Once the bills are done and you’re feeling miserable, you’re left pondering the complexities of being an adult. You start to reminisce the times when you were young, wild and free. Yes, that’s a song reference.

6. Oh man, I think I need a drink.

The fact that you hate adulting makes you realise that you need to unwind and that grabbing a drink with friends is the best way to do it. So you head out for ‘one’ drink. The next day you wake up and a bad hangover is the least of your worries.

7. Hold up! Where’d it all go?

The last and final thought everyone struggles with. Wondering where the hell all the money went. You start reflecting on all the decisions you made and wondering how it went downhill so fast. You then make a promise that the next month will be different. Once again, we all know how that one turns out, no?

What is the first thought that goes through your mind when you get your salary? Let us know in the comments below!

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