If you ever want to see creativity at its peak, just turn to the latest makeup trends! From neon strobing to helix eyes, these fads use makeup in the most imaginative ways we’ve seen. A case in point is the latest trend that’s making rounds on Instagram.

Dubbed as Instaception, this new craze is about creating a makeup post within a normal Instagram post. Essentially, it involves doing up one or more parts of your face with makeup and leaving the rest bare. The parts that contain makeup are then framed by borders to make them look like an Instagram post.

This type of imagery first created waves when it was put up by an Australian makeup artist, who goes by Instagram handle @dom.skii. Soon, it picked up traction when several makeup artists and beauty bloggers began imitating it.

If you would like to try this trend out, it’s best to use products that will stand out. Opt for bright or metallic shadows so that there’s a clear distinction between the two sides. Brow pencils and mascaras will further help you enhance the look. Finally, don’t forget to add all the Instagram details such as your handle name and the like, comment and share buttons!

Personally, we love seeing the different types of images that people are creating. If you do try your hand at it, don’t forget to tag us in your selfies!

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