Childhood was honestly the best phase of life, don’t you agree? We were innocent, naive and loving. Even if we fought, it was in all honesty and clove for the bestie. Our only stress in life was to get good grades and that was it. Our hearts were full of love and our friendships were extremely pure with no hidden agendas or motives. You’re really lucky if your school friends are still your besties after you’ve grown up. That’s really a sign of true friendship. However, most of us aren’t really getting the hang of adulthood just yet. We’re still trying to figure our lives out and maintaining friendships at the time seems really difficult. Catching up with an old friend could be a challenge with different work timings and hours of rest. Some childhood friendships fade away because of lack of time and effort. In such a situation, there are some things you could do, to keep that friendship alive and strong. Here they are.

1. Fix A Lunch Date Every Week

The most important thing in friendship is time. It’s very important to take out some time for each other. If it’s getting tough to meet without planning it out, then just keep a fixed day in a week that you both will make sure you meet no matter what. Block your calendars so you won’t make any other plans. No ditching allowed.

Date (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Date (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

2. Text Them Often

Dropping a text once in a while will make you guys feel a lot closer than before. Try to send them a funny meme or forward that you guys can relate to or even a cute message saying you miss them works.

3. Make Time For Them

If both your work timings are erratic, make sure to work around even an hour together for a coffee or a quick dinner. That itself will help keep the friendship alive.

4. Mix Your New Friends With Your Childhood Buddies

Sometimes, we get so involved in newer friendships that we forget the old. In this case, you can mix your worlds. It’ll actually work out well for you because then, you’ll be able to spend time with both!

Friends Drinking (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Friends Drinking (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

5. Mean What You Say

When you commit yourself to a plan with your friend, make sure you live up to it. The worst thing you could do is cancel plans last minute. It’s very disrespectful to not consider that the other person has cleared their schedule to meet you and you’ve cancelled on them.

6. Prioritise

We’re not telling you to make them your first priority, but do consider them on the list at least. If you really want to be friends for long, you’ve gotta make the effort.

7. Tag Each Other On Memes

You’d be surprised how social media can be a massive part of your friendship if used wisely. Just tagging each other on funny and relatable memes could tell the other person that you remember them and that they’re important to you.

8. Fix An Activity You Will Promise To Do Only With Each Other

Make an activity exclusive just for the two of you. This way, if you wanna do something, you have to call the other person and go together. Else, you can’t go at all! This could be catching particular movies, going for a massage, shopping or hitting a karaoke bar. If you don’t go with your friend, you can’t go at all!

Best Friends (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Best Friends (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

9. Ditching Jar

This is by far the most effective one. The above points mean nothing if you ditch the other person or they ditch you. So, make sure to keep a tab of how many times a person ditches. Fix an amount you both will put in as a penalty each time anyone ditches. This way both of you will behave yourselves and show up!

Friends that have been with you through childhood are keepers. They remind you of your roots and they have seen the side of you not many people have. This is why they’re the best people to take advice from as they know every possible layer to you. Don’t let adulting take these friendships away from you.

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