Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have been dating for six long years now. They may not have openly admitted to their relationship in so many words, but the love is all around. Just take one look at both their social media and you’ll know what I’m talking about. The couple is supposed to be finally tying the knot in November this year and the internet is regularly buzzing with rumoured updates from their upcoming wedding. And this is one of those days.

Rumour has it that Ranveer’s folks are keen on having a typical Sindhi wedding complete with all the traditional customs like saanth that actually involves friends and relatives tearing the groom’s clothes. Now that’ll be fun to watch!

Just recently, Deepika had given what was her version of a confirmation of the wedding when asked about it by saying ‘You’ll know soon’. While there has been a lot of buzz about their wedding being held in Italy, many suggest that it will be held in Bengaluru and Mumbai as well. Also, the couple has apparently imposed a no-mobile phones rule at their special day. Well, guess it’ll be a super private function then.

Well, we will need to wait and see what kind of a wedding the couple will have, a Sindhi one, a Kannadiga one (since Deepika is Kannadiga) or both!