Bigg Boss season 12 started with a bang on the 16th of September as Salman Khan introduced the contestants during the premiere episode. Bigg Boss has a loyal audience that enjoys the entertainment, the fights and all the drama that goes on in the house 24/7. While the combination of the ‘Singles’ and ‘vichitra jodis’ had everyone curious, there’s one thing for sure, no matter the theme of the season, the drama is certainly a constant factor in the house.

The tension in the house took off at the end of Day 2 with Sreesanth deciding to leave the show. However, the other housemates like Karanvir Bohra and Dipika Kakar Ibrahim convinced him to not take a rash call in an angry state. Karanvir even reasoned with him to apologise to the Khan sisters calming him down. However, while Karanvir tries to explain things to Saba and things are about to calm down, drama makes a swift turn and makes a grand entry into the fight once again. Somi overhears Deepak talking about the sisters and calling them ‘zeher’ i.e. poison and that is enough to rile up the Khan sisters even further. Anup Jalota tries to salvage the situation and tries to make Deepak see his fault which leads him to apologise to the sisters. Meanwhile, Sreesanth, still not quite ready to talk to Saba, smoothes things over with Somi for questioning her ‘upbringing’ in the fight earlier.

The morning of Day 3 begins on a lighter note with the song Raita Phail Gaya from Shandaar and you’ve got to agree, Bigg Boss has a wicked, wicked sense of humour. The songs manage to bring out the mood of the house perfectly and taunt the housemates at the same time. Deepak entertains everyone with his antics and even signs a song that leaves Dipika emotional. Everyone gets busy doing their own thing while Romil and Shivashish get busy discussing who is the most ‘shaani‘ girl in the house and Srishty Rode becomes the winner of their survey. Things start to seem normal and that’s when the first nominations begin. The ‘Singles’ are asked to choose between two pairs and they end up nominating, Kriti and Roshmi, Saba & Somi and Shivashish and Sourabh too.

The jodis then go through the same and unanimously decide to nominate Dipika, Srishty while saving Karanvir, Neha and Sreesanth. The nominations leave Kriti crying over the reasons that people gave for nominating their jodi. As expected, everyone starts discussing the nominations while Shivashish and Sourabh get into an argument, while the latter tries to get his friend to be more involved in the household chores, Shivashish tells him to not be so amicable and work so much all the time. While the boys leave the argument to no conclusion, another one brews between Urvashi Vani and Kriti as the latter questions the former’s bathroom hygiene. The incident leaves Urvashi upset and talks to Dipika about the same. Even though Kriti tries to explain the situation, Urvashi doesn’t seem to buy it. Deepak eventually calms Urvashi down and speaks to her about getting involved with everyone and using the best strategy to survive in the house.

The preview of the next episode is enough to make you want to set an alarm on your phone as the drama is about to hit the roof! In the sneak peek, Shivashish can be seen getting into a fight with Sreesanth. There’s a lot of shouting, testosterone with a touch of abuses that the boys toss around during the fight. Will the housemates intervene and calm them down or will it lead to more drama? Only time will tell… no, literally 9 p.m. will.

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