The Twitter-verse is a controversial space in its own right. From socially relevant conversations to fan theories about movies to even ridiculously funny and never-ending threads of memes, the Twitterati know how to fill the void in social media in their own unique way.

While most celebrities on social media use it to promote their films and other work, they often engage with their fans too. But every once in a while, there comes a tweet from celebrities that unleashes the hilarious side of Tweeple. That’s exactly what happened when Ajay Devgn accidentally tweeted Kajol‘s number inviting hundreds of replies!

Here’s what he tweeted!

Check out some of the funniest replies here!

LOL. These movie references are too good!

While some did a take on the paan masala brand promoted by the actor, others saw an opportunity!

This is either a well thought out prank, a promotional gimmick or just a silly, silly mistake! But one thing’s for sure, our Monday certainly got a whole lot better, thanks to this!

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