Varun Dhawan, Salman Khan Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss 12 only started a  week ago but it has got the viewers hooked already. Salman Khan returned with Weekend Ka Vaar on Saturday and brought to light everything that went wrong in the first week while also creating some light-hearted moments during the episode. During the episode, Salman also announced that out of the nominated contestants, Dipika Kakar and Srishty Rode were safe. Only to leave the announcement of the first eviction for Sunday.

Last night’s episode was again a roller-coaster of emotions, drama and entertainment. Varun Dhawan can be credited for the last one. Varun entered the Bigg Boss house to promote his film, Sui Dhaaga. The actor hung out and danced with the housemates and also gave them the task to stitch cushion overs with the captain of both the teams inspecting the quality of the same. The task led to a few arguments with Dipika and Srishty accusing Somi of tearing the cushion covers. The jodis came to her defence which in turn led to Srishty lashing out at them.

Varun Dhawan On Bigg Boss 12

The jodis win the task with the team giving Jasleen Matharu the title of the best performer and Sreesanth from the losing team ends up getting a ‘Tope Ki Salaami’ for losing the task. While the housemates are left discussing the task, Varun and Salman get busy with their antics on the stage. Varun gets Salman to stitch his initials using Sui Dhaaga and Salman reveals how he learnt it as a kid from his mother. Varun pulls Salman’s leg and announces to the viewers Khan is in fact ‘Sarva Gunn Sampanna’ and an ideal marriage candidate.

Varun Dhawan, Salman Khan Bigg Boss 12

Khan and Dhwan even enact a few entertaining bits from ‘The Filmy Box’. They recreate an iconic scene from Andaz Apna Apna and leave the audience laughing. Varun promotes his film once again before leaving the show. Salman returns to the housemates through the TV and even calls in the three contestants who were in the Kaalkothri all this while. Salman gets straight to questioning them Singles and jodis on their decision-making capabilities. By the end of which, Karanvir confesses that Dipika should have been in the jail as her mistake caused the team a loss. He also said the Shivashish Sharma and Sourabh Patel’s jodi also deserved to be in the jail.

Salman then announced the return of the Sultani Akhaada where contestants compete to win special powers or privileges. Saba and Somi Khan were chosen for the competition with Dipika and Srishty as their opponents. While the sister jodi won the first round of verbally stating why they should win. Round two of the contest involved Kabaddi and was won by Dipika and Srishty exempting them from any household chores for a week until the next captain is chosen.

Varun Dhawan, Salman Khan Bigg Boss 12

The tension in the house increases once again as Salman announces its time to disclose the first contestant to leave the Bigg House. The decision surprises everyone as Salman declares that for the first time, no one will be evicted in the first week. The housemates rejoice upon hearing the decision and are relaxed as the tension lifts for now. Later in the evening, Jasleen, Anup Jalota and Deepak Thakur are seen discussing how the game is changing. The singles, Sreesanth, Dipika, Neha and Srishty, on the other hand, were seen going over the events that happened through the week.

Next morning, Bigg Boss announced that Karanvir Bohra, Nirmal Singh and Romil Chaudhary‘s jail sentence was now over. Soon after the three are out of jail, another fight sparks as Urvashi Vani accuses Somi of cheating during the previous night’s task and the two are left in a battle of words! The housemates try to control the situation but their efforts go in vain. Urvashi is left feeling emotional and confesses that she cannot stand cheating.

The next episode’s preview ensures our Monday blues are taken over by the sneak peek of drama in the Bigg Boss. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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