Day 9 of Bigg Boss 12 definitely left everyone ready for the kind of aggression that they will get to see in the coming weeks. One thing has become clear that the commoners in the house will leave no stone unturned to be in the limelight during tasks or otherwise. During the latest task, Samudri Lootere, the Singles were tortured and how and while some braved it, the others broke down and all of them condemned the jodis for their ways.

While every contestant in the Vichitra Jodi section was going to any lengths possible to torture their opponents, Deepak Thakur was seen talking in favour of the jodis. This may or may not have been an entirely selfless act or so think the other jodis. While Romil Chaudhary says it is not right to boycott Deepak and Urvashi Vani from the team, Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota say they’re going to keep their distance. Saba chimes in and supports Jasleen and says that Deepak spoke against the team to look like a hero on cameras.

The last episode showed us that Jasleen and Shivashish Sharma were hiding things that could be used to torture. Kanravir Bohra finds out about it but Dipika feels it is fair to do that. But also warns Deepak to not enter into their personal space. Meanwhile, Jasleen, Saba and Kriti discuss the reactions of celebrities after the task and feel that they were over-reacting. Keeping in line with her dislike for Dipika, Jasleen comments against her, calling her a nosy mother-in-law.

Day 10 of Bigg Boss begins with the title track of Josh and everyone gets right into the mood of the game. Bigg Boss asks Karanvir to read the task letter for the day which indicates that the Singles will play the lootere in this round while the jodis protect the shields. Before the task begins, Saba and Sreesanth get into another fight and the former cricketer asks her to refrain from calling him Sree which is fondly known as.

Another hell breaks loose once the task begins, Somi Khan is the first one to take the chair with Nehha Pendse and Sreesanth torturing her. The Singles have decided to play just as aggressively as the jodis did yesterday. Saba comes to her sister’s defence and gets into a fight with the Singles once again. She even goes on to call Dipika a, ‘ghatiya aurat’ and tells her the viewers can see her real face. But her tactics fall short as Somi gives up, unable to take the torture. Jasleen takes her place and receives similar treatment as she is tortured by the Singles to win a point. Jasleen also gives up pretty soon and accuses Dipika of being cruel to her.

Saba tries had to disrupt the Singles’ task by throwing things on the floor, getting into yelling matches with them but the Singles keep going. Shivashish is the one to take the chair next and is seen getting aggressive during the task. He even goes on to say that Neha had physically hit him and continues to provoke Karanvir and rest of the Singles. The Sanchalaks, Kriti and Roshmi speak in Shiv’s famous giving the point tot he jodis.

Jasleen is once again seen complaining to Sreesanth about Dipika and telling him her real face had finally come out in the task. She is upset and breaks into tears in front of Sreesanth and Somi. On the other hand, Neha is seen apologising to Shivashish for hurting him during the task. Urvashi is the last of the four to perform the task and turns out to be a saving grace for her team as she earns a point for them. Bigg Boss announces the Singles to be the winners for lasting 2 extra minutes.

The winning team is seen rejoicing and get on with discussing the distribution of household chores. The jodis waste no time in getting on with the captaincy discussions where Nehha feels Karanvir should be a contender for it. While the Singles seem to have a united front, the jodis may have some trouble brewing. Anup Jalota is seen talking against Deepak and Urvashi and even states that they are most likely to betray the team at some point as they are emotional.

And once again, Jasleen is seen discussing Dipika, with Roshmi this time around. She says she doesn’t understand Dipika’s problem with her in the house. Anup who can’t seem to see Jasleen low tells Roshmi about the shayari he wrote his bae last Diwali, calling her a patakha. The conversation steers from Dipika to Sreesanth and Anup says Sreesanth is a waste on the show due to his lack of participation in any of the tasks. Roshmi states it may be so because he is here only to clear his image.

In another part of the house, Dipika is seen crying her heart out as she feels she is being targetted since day 1 of Bigg Boss. Her teammates, Srishty and Neha try to calm her down and make her feel better.

Well, it is the Bigg Boss house and it comes with more than just a pool. Targetting and plotting are kind of a way of life in the house and it is quite strange that it still comes as a surprise to the housemates after 10 days of being there! With the captaincy nominations coming up, it’s about to get really entertaining and dramatic. Gear up, people!

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