Tanushree Dutta and Daisy Shah
Tanushree Dutta and Daisy Shah

Tanushree Dutta recently began #MeToo movement in India after she spoke about Nana Patekar sexually harassing her on the sets of Horn Ok Pleasss. While Tanushree’s interview with Zoom was an eye-opener, recently, Daisy Shah has spoken about being on the sets of the song Tanushree was shooting when the incidence took place. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Daisy revealed that she was the assistant to Ganesh Acharya on the song and her job was to teach Tanushree the steps.

Daisy said,

My job was to give Tanushree the steps, make her learn them and then help her execute. Now what Tanushree has said that I and she had a great rapport. Yes, because we rehearsed for 3-4 days before shooting song and on the sets also for first 2 days everything went very swiftly and on the third day something happened which I am not aware of but Tanushree, being a woman, she has come out and she has said that this is what she has gone through. So I totally sympathize with her.

Daisy added that while she doesn’t know who is right, she explains that the lava inside Tanushree has finally burst after 10 years.

But, I mean, I can’t say anything. Because I don’t even know whether the producer is right or whether the director is right or whether the artist is right but as a woman, I totally stand by Tanushree Dutta. Why would anybody want to talk about sexual harassment that person has gone through and that too after a decade? There must be a lava inside her that burst out after ten years and why not! I mean she has gone through it and she should definitely speak up. Because if women like her come out, there are a lot of other women who can actually get that courage from people like Tanushree.

Daisy also remembers of having too much chaos on the sets that day when the incidence took place.

And now in midst of this, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what happened when she was rehearsing for that particular step. Must be something. She must have been touched in a wrong way or whatever it is. So that is something and again, me as an assistant, I  was not only there to teach the steps to Tanushree, there was a big setup. We had 60-70 dancers. So the assistant choreographer’s job is also to set up the entire shot. So in the midst of that something might have gone wrong with her, then she went and locked herself in the vanity van for almost 3-4 hours. And then the media was called and then the entire “hoo-haa” happened and Tanushree had a really hard time.

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