It was earlier this week that Vinta Nanda came forward and accused Alok Nath of raping her 19 years ago. The writer-producer brought to light the ‘sanskaari’ actor’s wrongdoings as she alleged him on the count of sexually assaulting her in a Facebook post. Vinta said that she was waiting for this moment to share with the world the terrible things she had gone through all those years ago. She found the strength to come forward after Tanushree Dutta‘s confessions about Nana Patekar‘s misconduct with her on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss picked up momentum.

She took to Facebook and called out B-Town’s so-called ‘babuji’ for sexually assaulting her. While Vinta’s stand made us applaud her courage, Alok Nath‘s actions and all the allegations against him have enraged us. Vinta had spoken out against him in the past as well but like Tanushree’s story, it was brushed aside too. She was quoted saying that she spoke to her family members and friends about it. Not just that, she also spoke about mentioning the horrific incidents to her close friend and Alok Nath’s wife, Ashu Singh. The actor’s wife did have a response, but one that left both, Vinta and us disappointed. According to Vinta, Ashu Singh said she can’t say or do anything about her husband’s actions.

It is disheartening to see that there are so many women who have gone through such terrible encounters and have had to live with scarring memories. These encounters have affected their life and career choices too. All the stories that are coming out about the sexual predators in the industry are sickening to the core. We hope that the #MeToo movement keeps its momentum and leads these perpetrators to their deserved punishments.

We applaud the courage of all the women coming forward and condemn the heinous acts done by the accused.