I spent last weekend drinking, eating and dancing to some really good music at the Sunburn City Festival. And yet, that wasn’t the highlight of my weekend! So, let me give you a little heads up. This involves my love for the biggest TV show ever created—Game Of Thrones. I binge-watched the entire series in a matter of a few days and immediately started obsessing over everything GoT! So, now let me tell you why last weekend was one of the best ever (for me)! I had a chance to catch up with Hodor (yep! that’s right!) on Sunday and I couldn’t help but spaz out (as would anyone in my place would!)

Kristian Nairn who played Hodor in the worldwide phenomenon is also a really cool and talented DJ. He’s been playing since over 20 years and recently got famous for his version of the GoT soundtrack he spun around. He called it Rave Of Thrones. And since he was playing at the Sunburn festival this weekend, he was nice enough to tolerate my madness and answer all my questions (and believe me, I had plenty). So I thought I’d share some really interesting information that you’re gonna love if you’re a GoT fan like me. Here are the answers to questions I asked him!

How has your experience been so far in India and what are you looking forward to?

He mentioned that he had been to India 2 years ago for Comic-Con but on this trip, all he had to say was “It is pretty crazy, there are a lot of people here and it’s really hot, especially here (OMG)!” Of course, his set at the music festival was early evening and considering he isn’t used to this weather, he found it difficult to deal with it.

Which artist inspired you to become a DJ?

There was a DJ in New York that he really loved, but really it was just spending time around DJs at nightclubs and he was fascinated by them since he was a kid.

What are the similarities or differences between playing and acting? Have you used one and applied it to another?

He said that there are similarities, and there are differences. “Performing to me is the same in my head. Obviously, it’s very different what you do.” He mentioned that acting is something you do over and over again and you wait for the response over time. But with playing music, the response is immediate. If the audience likes you there’s this buzzing energy, it’s amazing.

How do you manage such extremely hectic careers?

“I like to work. It took me a long time to realise this. For the first 25 years of my life, I was very lazy. And I didn’t push myself to the full potential.” He said that there will always be time for acting and always be time for DJ-ing. He told us that for the first season of Game Of Thrones, he played till 3 AM every night before he went to set.

Who was your favourite co-star on GoT?

Daniel Portman! We never actually acted together, but we became friends off screen. He plays Podrick. And also Isaac (Isaac Hempstead Wright) and I are very close. He’s like a little brother. I would also say Finn Jones, Gemma Whalen as well.”

How did playing Hodor change your life as a DJ?

“It just gave me a bigger voice, it gave me a bigger platform. I mean, I was always very lucky Even when I was a resident DJ I was on top of the game. Every week I had 4-5 gigs, I never stopped working. But I was a resident DJ and it’s very different. I met so many amazing people that I’m incredibly grateful for.”

The few minutes I got to interview Kristian, he was a hoot and was really friendly and approachable. Plus, I shared the elevator with him and got the change to legit “Hold the door” for Hodor! That definitely does not happen every day. If you’re a GoT fan, we’re sure this piece of info must’ve caught your attention!

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