This Weekend Ka Vaar begins with none other than Kajol entering the Bigg Boss house. The tension in the house is at an all-time high with this being the double-eviction weekend. However, Kajol’s entry changes the mood of the house and gets everyone excited. Jasleen Matharu and Shivashish Sharma entertain everyone with a dance performance on Kajol’s song, Jaati Hoon Main. Urvashi Vani and Deepak Thakur also recreate a scene from one of her films. Kajol is seen interacting with them and also asks the housemates to name the person who they thought was the weakest contestant. Urvashi, Nehha Pendse, Shivashish Sharma, Sourabh Patel and Surbhi Rana‘s names come to light. After Kajol exits the house, Urvashi, Dipika and Nehha continue to talk about the ‘weakest contestant’.

With Sunday comes the Sultani Akhada where two housemates usually face-off to win some privileges. The two women explain their actions to Salman Khan and Surbhi is deemed as the winner out of the two. As the winner of the special power, Surbhi is asked to nominate one person so she names Karanvir, only to be revealed by Salman that her special power was just a joke. Soon after, Dipika starts weeping as Surbhi accuses her of not giving them food in the house. Dipika’s teammates, Karanvir and Nehha come forward and support the actress.

The show once again gets a dose of laughter and entertainment as Divyansh from Television’s dance show, Dance Deewane enters the house and lightens up the mood. Other Dance Deewane contestants also enter the house and perform for the housemates. Nehha joins in and does a Pole Dance while Jasleen and Srishty also give a seductive performance. During all this, Deepak who is known to come up with funny names and concepts like ‘Mangluto’ in the house translates Hindi proverbs and also explains which one suits which contestant in the house. Divyansh even teases Jasleen and introduces two contestants who recreate her ‘makeup’ to ‘break-up’ journey. The housemates are left entertained as there is another performance on Dhol Baaje which is a famous Navratri song from Salman’s film, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Karanvir cracks everyone up as he attempts the ‘wave’.

The entire vibe of the house changes and everyone can see getting tensed as Salman goes back to the elimination bit. The actor announces that it’s Nehha is the second contestant who will be leaving the house this week. Her eviction leaves Dipika in tears as Nehha says her goodbyes and makes an exit from the house. Dipika looks pretty taken aback by the whole situation and can’t stop crying. Meanwhile, Srishty buries the hatchet with Saba and Somi Khan.

And before you forget while Nehha may have exited the show, there are two housemates who are up for a re-entry into the main house. Salman puts the viewers out of their misery and talks about Sreesanth and Anup Jalota entering the Bigg Boss house.

Most of us don’t look forward to a Monday but I can’t wait to see the drama-bomb that’s about to set-off on Bigg Boss 12!

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