Bigg Boss is one show that always manages to create drama not just with what happens in the house but also the ripples it creates outside it. Everything that the contestants do in the house has an equal and opposite reaction in the world outside Bigg Boss. The actions of one contestant on the show have miffed their ex-lover and it’s none other than, ex-cricketer, Sreesanth.

Sreesanth has had an undefined vibe with everyone since the beginning of the show and it has been difficult to define his personality so far. Sometimes he is seen taking stands for people and making them realise wrong from right whereas other times he refuses to perform in tasks and gets aggressive. There may not be anything consistent about his reactions or his personality, one the thing that he is consistent about him (besides wanting to exit from the show) is that he constantly praises his wife Bhuvneshwari. He even claims to have dated his wife for 7 years before the duo tied the knot.

Post this revelation, the former cricketer’s ex-girlfriend, Nikesha Patel, has come forward to claim that Sreesanth cheated on her back then. In an interview, Nikesha who is an actress in the South film industry mentioned that Sreesanth was in a live-in relationship with her during the time he was supposedly dating Bhuvneshwari. She said that Sreesanth’s statement about being in love with Bhuvneshwari made her question the integrity of their relationship. She said she wanted an apology because her break up had affected her while Sreesanth easily moved on.

We wonder what Sreesanth would have to say about this.