While scrolling through social media, we’ve all come across oddly satisfying videos, and they live up to their name. We’re all guilty of spending hours and draining our phone batteries watching these videos; from bath bombs dissolving into a burst of colours to knives perfectly cutting through kinetic sand, and the all-time favourite, slime, there are a lot of videos to choose from. Closely resembling OCD, these videos are said to lighten up your mood for the next couple of hours when watched. So here are 10 minutes of heaven for y’all for being absolute darlings, enjoy!

1. Calligraphy

What sorcery is this? How do you move your hands that way? We’d need a 100 tries at this, probably give up and trace it but it still wouldn’t turn out so good!

2. Slime

Slime and colours? Hell yeah! The most popular satisfying videos which made us buy boxes of slimes for guilty pleasures. Mix, mould and fold!

3. Mukbang crunchy

Mukbang videos make you go insanely hungry and crave for food, in the middle of the night, when you are twenty videos deep, too lazy to cook, and too broke to order in.

4. Soap curls

Soap curls getting crushed easily is just euphoric! Get me some, please?

5. Glass Cake

Don’t stop pouring, don’t. How pretty do glass cakes look!

6. Sock making machine

Who knew socks were crafted in such a soothing way! Time to take our socks seriously, right?

7. Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand gives the ultimate satisfaction, or shall we say sandisfaction?

8. Bath Bomb

Rainbow bath bomb that is a fast fizzer too? Win-win!

9. Makeup crushing

It’s heartbreaking yet soothing to watch makeup crushing videos. Do you feel me?

10. Paint pouring

Thinking of redecorating all house furniture with artsy ones like these. Or maybe watch these videos on repeat for days, Nothing too wild.

Now that you’ve been hypnotized and can’t function or think straight, have a happy week ahead and don’t stress yourself out over work, grades or just life in general!

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