There are so many things a bride-to-be needs to think about while planning her wedding. There are outfits, jewellery, makeup and shoes, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many functions and there are decisions to be made for each of them. The mehendi function is usually from the bride’s side and the decor is one of the most important factors of it. Mehendi decor pretty much sets the vibe of the entire function and hence, every bride-to-be should focus on the decor as much as she does on her outfit for the event. To ease you in, here are a few decor trends we’ve listed down just for you.

1. Traditional Genda Phool Decor

Go traditional with bright yellow marigold flowers. They smell really nice and will definitely bring more sunshine to your function.

2. Floral Decor

If you love the floral decor, other than the traditional one, there’s also an option of modern floral decoration. They look really pretty and fresh.

3. Colourful Props

Get fun and colourful props that’ll amp up the ambience to a whole new level and will be very interactive for the guests too.

4. Glamping Decor

Ever heard of the concept of ‘Glamping‘? It’s basically glamorous camping. And this concept can be repurposed with some fun decor at the mehendi function.

5. Pastel Decor

If your outfit is pastel, complement the decor with it. Add some pastel blues and pinks to make it dainty.

6. Colourful Drapes

Nothing works better than bright and colourful drapes at a mehendi function. It is the most popular decor trend we’ve seen this year, and rightly so!

7. Wildlife Theme

These cute birds will look absolute adorbs as mehendi decor. Team them up with an equally cute backdrop and you’ve got yourself a really Instagrammable wall.

8. Rajasthani Umbrella Theme

Another popular theme this year has been the colourful Rajasthani umbrella theme. It looks so festive and bright, and that’s what makes it ideal for the mehendi funtion.

9. Quirky Desi Decor

If you’re the fun unconventional bride-to-be, we suggest you quirk things up with witty terms and desi phrases near the bar and at the photo booth. The guests are sure to love it!

10. Minimalistic Whites

Less is more when it comes to this theme. Minimalistic monochrome decor with cute pastel detailing can never go wrong. If you like basic decor, this works best for you. Plus, minimal decor ensures the focus is all on you!

So, these are a few of the many mehendi decor ideas one could come across and it could get really overwhelming. We suggest you pick something that matches your personality and vibe. Plus, wear an outfit that complements the decor and vice-versa. Last but a very important element, don’t forget to book your mehendiwalli in advance. Tell us your favourite decor idea in the comments below!

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