Wedding photographers are the most important vendors to plan for as you plan up everything for your big day. Cause if you think about it, once that is done, your photographs are all you have to relive your special day. While photographers today know their gameplan, it’s important to direct them and make sure they know what vibe and elements you’d like to have captured. Couple kisses, twirling shots, and mehendi closeups are the usual every wedding photographer will capture but make sure your wedding photographs stand out by including some of these ideas.

1. With Your Furry Friend

If you have a pet dog or cat or even a rabbit, make sure you get a special photo like this one with them on your wedding day.

2. Decor Details

Many times your photographers might take wider photos of the entire stage set up, your venue and outfit but make sure you tell them to capture details like table settings, close-ups of your mandap and more.

3. One For The Guys

We’re pretty sure you’re gonna get those classic bridesmaid photographs with your girls but don’t forget to include the groomsmen for an Insta-worthy photo like this one!

4. The Kaleera Close Up

The Kaleera ceremony is a super fun one and to remember this time and its significance forever, make sure to get a close up of your kaleeras.

5. The Sheer Dupatta Shot

There are many kinds of bridal poses that you might have seen, but this one is one of our favourites. It’s unique and can capture your outfit and emotions all at once.

6. BTS Bridesmaids

While we girls love to dress up all pretty, its fun to bring the reality perspective to the picture. Whether it’s alcohol, candy or chips—use fun props to bring out the true character of your gang.

7. Framed In A Silhouette

Capturing special moments like these makes it extra romantic IMHO.

8. The Ring Thing

Skip the usual holding hand type photos and get creative by capturing your rings in a special way like this!

So which kind of photo are you going to try out for your big day? Do let us know in the comments below!

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