Stan Lee, the man who made the young and the old appreciate comics and pulp-fiction, is no more. No certain cause of death has yet been reported yet. Passing away at the age of 95, he has undoubtedly etched his artwork in all of our hearts.

The Marvel-ous man gave us unforgettable characters like Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man, Black Widow, Groot, Doctor Strange, Blank Panther, Loki and so many more during his long career. He achieved his childhood ambition of becoming a writer right with his debut comic Captain America Foils The Traitor’s Revenge. Anything and everything he did worked like magic and we think each of these characters prove that.

A comic book writer, editor, producer, publisher and a gem in the Marvel universe, Stan Lee will forever be missed and remembered. Au Revoir Stan Lee, the real-life superhero, the genius, and the brightest star!

The Twitter world is pouring their hearts out too, expressing their emotions on the sad demise of Stan Lee.

Thank You, Legend, for giving us so much to hold on to and cherish, you will forever be alive in our hearts. Excelsior!