According to Hindu tradition, applying mehendi onto the bride-to-be’s hands before she ties the knot calms her nerves as it has medicinal properties. This is why it has become a custom in Hindu religion to do so. Modern brides, however, host a full-fledged mehendi party where they call all their bridesmaids and close family members to celebrate with her. This function is so overwhelming that sometimes, some things can slip from the bride’s mind. But luckily, we’ve curated a checklist of things every bride can refer to while planning her mehendi ceremony.

1. Themed Decor

Bright, colourful decor is usually what brides go for while planning their mehendi. It totally depends on each bride’s taste, but since this function is held during the day time, bright colours are suggested.

2. Paper Straws

Since the bride and her bridesmaids are going to have their hands covered in henna, it makes sense to stock up on a lot of paper straws for them to drink from.

3. Spare Mattresses

There will be a lot of people at this function and it’ll be clever for the bride to get extra mattresses for guests to sit on while they get mehendi applied on their palms.

4. Floral Jewellery

A new trend for modern brides is opting for fresh flower jewellery. It looks beautiful and complements the outfit of the bride too.

5. Mehendi Favours

As per rituals, the bride gifts her bridesmaids some traditional items like bangles, bindis or anklets. You can gift as per tradition, or improvise with your gifting to make it more personalised.

6. Photographer & Videographer

Make this day memorable by hiring professional photographers and videographers who will document every single significant moment of this day. It’ll be nothing less than a Bollywood feature film!

7. Extra Clothes For The Bride

Mehendi tends to stain clothes and it is always better to keep an extra pair of clothes with you in case that happens.

8. Photobooth & Props

Keep a fun and interactive corner at the venue for people to pose at and take cute pictures. Keep quirky props for guests to use while taking pictures.

9. Premixed Sugar & Lime Juice

When henna dries up, it tends to flake. And if it starts flaking, the colour won’t be really dark. Keep a bottle of premixed sugar and lime juice handy. Apply this mixture with cotton on the mehendi for it to stick on your hands for longer.

10. Designated Mehendi Bridesmaid

The bride won’t be able to do much with her hands covered in mehendi, hence, there should be a designated BFF who can help her get stuff done during that time. Whether it is fixing her hair, makeup or getting her a drink, this bridesmaid should be around her for most of it.

MM Pro Tip: To make the day more special, get a live singer who plays traditional and Bollywood songs for people to dance to. Arrange for extra mehendiwallis for your guests and make sure your outfit is easy breezy so it’ll be easy to manage even if your hands are covered in mehendi.

You’re all set! Have an amazing and hassle-free mehendi ceremony with these essentials and tell us how it turned out in the comments below!

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